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Ways to donate:

The preferred method to donate is by check. However, there are other options shown below.

Unless requested otherwise, check donations will be applied to our Disaster Relief Fund.

1)Via Check:

Make check payable to:
First Mexican Baptist Church
4151 Royal Lane
Dallas, TX 75229

Please note, the above address is our new and preferred address. Please use it for any mail correspondence. However, mail sent to our previous address on 10010 Betty Jane Lane will still arrive.

2) There are three online giving links via Aplos (church accounting software firm):

Aplos online giving link for the General Fund

Aplos online giving link for the Disaster Relief Fund

Aplos online giving link for the COVID19 Relief Fund

If the COVID19 Relief Fund link is selected, please leave the note "COVID19" in the donation form.

3) Text-to-Give

Ways to give via text using Text-to-Give Toll-Free Number (833)390-0253:

The “GENERAL” purpose code is for church daily operations. The “DISASTER” purpose code is designated for the Disaster Relief Fund of the church, which has been set up to provide financial assistance to the church for the damages incurred from the tornado of October 20, 2019. The "CORONA" purpose code has been set up to assist people in the community who have been economically affected by COVID19 and goes into the COVID19 Relief Fund.

Any purpose code shown will be available for Text-to-Give donors. To designate a purpose code, a donor may include the purpose code in their text. There are three purpose codes “GENERAL”, “DISASTER”, and "CORONA" one of which is substituted for the word "CODE" in option 2, below.

Option 1 — Give a specific amount represented by "XX": Text “GIVE XX”

Option 2 — Give to a specific purpose, represented by the amount "XX" and the word "CODE". Specify the amount and choose one of the two codes by texting “GIVE XX CODE”.

Example: To give $100 to the Disaster Relief Fund, text "GIVE 100 DISASTER".